90 Minute Jake Barnes Documentary
90 Minute Jake Barnes Documentary
"A Day In The Life Of Jake Barnes - A Professional Rodeo Cowboy"
"A Day In The Life Of Jake Barnes - A Professional Rodeo Cowboy"
Attention Team Ropers!
If you’re Dead Serious about Taking Your Roping Skills to the Next Level… Pay Attention.

In this Brand New Documentary from Roping.com, you’ll discover EXACTLY what it’s like to spend a day in the life of Jake Barnes, 7X time World Champion Team Roper.
On This DVD, You’ll Discover:
  • Why Every Serious Roper MUST Rope the Dummy Every Day [HINT: Its the Same Reason Michael Jordan Won 6 NBA Championships]
  • The Biggest Mistake Ropers Make when Facing and the Fastest Way to Avoid it
  • The 1 Ninja Trick World Champion Ropers Use to Stop Your Horse from Injuring Itself
  • A Complete Guide to Spurs & Why Jake Wears a Sharper Spur on his Right Foot
  • The Little Known Secret Tool Jake Uses to Encourage his Horse to Face Better
  • Why You MUST Desensitize a Green or Young Horse to get them “Rodeo-Ready” - Failing to do so will cost you BADLY
  • Discover the Fastest Way to Desensitize Them Without Causing Any Pain Whatsoever
  • The #1 Characteristic Every Great Roping Horse Has
  • How to Prepare Your Young Horse for an Electric Eye Barrier Vs a String Barrier
  • Discover How to Develop Control Through the Corner to give Your Heeler the Best Shot Possible 
Jake Will Even Reveal:
  • The Drills Every Roper MUST Use on Their Horse to Correct Bad Habits like Ducking Off
  • How to Utilize Steer Stopping to Keep Your Horse From Anticipating the Corner and Prevent Then From Ducking Off
  • The #1 Element of Control in Horse Training [HINT: Master this & it will Improve Your Scoring, Handles, Facing and Rate]
  • The Single Most Effective Drill You can use to Train Your Horse to Stand Properly in the Box
  • How to Improve Your Scoring with One Simple Trick
  • Why You Must Teach Your Horse to Leave When You Release Your Hand - Rather than with the Sound of the Gate [Get This Wrong & it Leads to Disaster]
  • The Secret to Get Your Horse to ‘Rate Off’ Before the Corner & Maintain Effortless Control of the Run
  • The Simple Trick For Airing Out Cold-Backed and Broncy Horses
  • Caution: A Tale of Wrecks: How to Avoid Them & the VITAL Sign You MUST Pay Attention to Your Surroundings
  • The Fastest Way to Become a Better Roper… This Technique is Dead Simple
PLUS - Jake Pulls Back The Curtains And Shows You:
  • Why the Secret to Improving Your Roping Skills is to Use Your Feet - Jake Shows You Exactly How 43minutes in…
  • The Single Biggest Key to Roping Fast is…
  • Why “Keeping Your Horse Light in Your Hands” is the True Secret to Exploding Your Control
  • The Simple Technique World Champion Ropers Use to Teach Their Horse How to Pull Through the Corner & How to Face
  • #1 Quickest Way to Drop the Flag
  • The Tiny Mistake Headers Make that Adds Time to Their Runs - PLUS How to Fix it Instantly
  • Why You Need a Horse that Knows More than You do
  • The Disastrous Mistake Ropers Make That Causes Their Horse to Face Too Early
  • The #1 Key Distinction that Truly Separates a World Champion Roper from Your Average Jackpotter
  • The Secret Drill a World Champion Developed to Solve this Problem FAST
  • Why it’s VITAL You Leave the Box on Time & the #1 Thing You Must do to STOP Your Horse from Locking Up
  • How to Develop a Specific Game Plan & Goal for Every Run
  • Why a Simple Bridle Adjustment can Dramatically Improve Your Control… IF you do it Right.
What Does It Take To Be A World Champion?
The past and present world champions are our idols.

We watch them compete.

We admire them.

We learn from them.

But, what does it take to become a champion?

What is life really like for a rodeo cowboy when he’s not out on the road?

“A Day In The Life Of Jake Barnes” gives you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of 7 time world champion team roper, Jake Barnes, as he takes you through his daily routine from his home in Arizona.

If you follow rodeo, then you know that Jake Barnes is a legend when it comes to roping!
But... One Doesn’t Just Become A Legend By Blind Luck!
It takes a lot of hard work, discipline, motivation, and constant self-improvement to become and remain legendary.

We invite you to step into Jake’s personal life for a day...

A Day In the Life Of Jake Barnes...

7 Time World Champion Team Roper...

Imagine sharing a cup of coffee with Jake first thing in the morning...

Watch the sun come up over the mountains with him...

Hang out with him as he does his chores, ropes the dummy, and plays with his dogs...

Then learn from him as he shows you not only what it takes to become a champion, but what it takes to stay a champion.
Here’s What You’ll Learn From The Documentary...
> Basic Horsemanship:

Whether you have never been around horses before or you have grown up on the back of a horse, Jake will candidly explain the basics in a way that all will enjoy.

From basic horse care, to grooming, to saddling and tack, Jake breaks down basic horsemanship so that it is both easy to understand and interesting!

> Finishing the green horse:

One of the biggest issues ropers face is finishing their green horses.

Jake demonstrates logging with a tire and a log, facing drills to get your green horse facing quickly, scoring, handling cattle, and more.

These are the tips you have been waiting for!

> Maintaining your horses:

We all struggle with keeping our horses in top competition condition.

Learn from the legend himself how to keep your horses in good shape and keep them from developing bad habits over time!

> Correcting Issues with the head horse:

Is your head horse ducking off? Not pulling? Bad in the box? Not facing fast enough?

Jake shows you how to correct all of these problems as well as other common issues that you may face with your head horse!

> And so much more!!
Here’s How To Claim Your Copy Of The Jake Barnes DVD...
Get Yours Before They Are GONE!
Today, you have the opportunity to walk alongside 7 time world champion team roper Jake Barnes!

By ordering “A Day In The Life Of Jake Barnes” you are taking a personal glimpse into his everyday life and learning how to not only BECOME a champion, but REMAIN a champion!

For just $20, you can get professional advice, training tips, and insight directly from the legend himself!

It doesn’t matter if you are a header or a heeler, if you have never picked up a rope before in your life, or if you have 40 years of roping experience... We know that you will love this glimpse into the daily life of a team roping hero!
But That's Not All!
As you probably already know, Jake is a professional coach at Roping.com, the world’s LARGEST online roping community!

Jake and our other professional coaches have created hundreds of instructional videos that breakdown team roping for our Roping.com members!

Our very own Chris Smith quickly jumped from a number 4 heeler all the way to a number 7 by implementing this very training!

Because you have ordered the “A Day In The Life Of Jake Barnes” DVD, you will also receive a 30 Day Roping.com membership trial so that you can explore all that Roping.com has to offer!

> Dive into hundreds of instructional videos!

> Take advantage of our Membership Community on Facebook where our professional coaches are there to answer YOUR questions and review YOUR runs!
And, That's Just The Beginning...
In the coming months, we'll also be offering...

> Discounts on roping gear and roping clinics!

> A private classified ads platform to buy and sell all things roping!

> Directories to find partners and jackpots in your area!

> And so much more!!

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER so order now to take advantage of this opportunity TODAY! 
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